How We Work

7 Steps to your Dream come true.


Listen to what you have got to say. We would want to know everything about your project – plans, dreams, vision. We would like to hear as much as you can tell us about it.



Learn the limits. We learn about your site – the measurements, physical conditions, surroundings and regulations. We bring together all data we need to start.



Explore the options. We sit together with you and explore your ideas in relation to the site and project. This is where we discuss various spaces and elements of the project.



Create a concept. With your ideas and the data we have, we create a conceptual design of the project. We will present you drawings, notes and some 3D visualisations of the project.



Evolve the concept. In the next few meetings we will be discussing with you and make revisions to the concept. We will be discussing every element of the design in detail.



Document the design. After the design is ready, we start preparing the drawings and documents which may be used for government approval, construction and presentations.

7Build. Build your dream. Finally, we start building the project, where we will oversee your project management and quality control. We will make sure that your project is built as per the design and specifications. Depending upon our modality of understanding, we may even take charge of the construction and build it for you.