Who are we?

Seed Office
SEED provides consulting, design and built services in engineering, architecture and interior design. Founded in early 2011 and based in Kathmandu, Nepal, SEED brings together the experience of its managing partners which dates as far as 2002.

Some time before it’s inception, the team came together to work for CARE Life School Center at Harshar, Nepal, in alias as Uttara Engineering Pvt. Ltd. The same team worked freelance in few architectural and interior projects together before the team was officially registered as SEED.

The current team at SEED comprise of Architects, Engineers and Managers, making it a perfect combination to handle the project of any type and size. With their wide range of experience in different projects, SEED is ready to take on any challenge you bring to us.


Our studio at Kamaladi, Kathmandu is where you lay the seeds of your dreams and vision. We sow them to a full aspiring architectural and engineering project.
At SEED, we believe in optimization and collaboration. Whether it is built environment, finance or vision, we design to provide our clients the best value from each of these. We take a holistic approach to our services based on discussions, continuous dialogue and close co-operation with our clients. This helps us in providing the most economic, esthetical and rational results to our clients. See How We Work »

Why Choose SEED?

Our designs minimize the impact that the built structures may have on our environment. 

We design to bring out the beautiful side of all the materials and elements we use in your project.

Beautiful things need not be expensive. We optimize the design and make them easy on your pocket.

To us, a good design is not just about beauty or a concept. It is about you – we design with you in mind.