We specialize in Architecture, Engineering and Interior Design led by professional and experienced Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers. You can go through our Portfolio to view our projects in Architecture, Engineering and Interior Design. Email us at info@seed.com.np or visit us at our office in Kathmandu, Nepal to discuss your project with our Architects and Engineers. We currently provide these services in Kathmandu and all around Nepal.

Architecture, Engineering and Interior Design Firm Based in Kathmandu, Nepal


From a small abode to large commercial hubs, we design all kinds of buildings.
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Our engineering design provides you security, convenience and optimizations.
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Interior Design

Retail, office or home, we add flavour and breathe life into your buildings and spaces.
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We have Highly Skilled Construction team in Building Construction or in Designed Interior Construction.
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Green Buildings

Buildings are very resource hungry. We design them to be easy on the environment.